Chemical Injection Systems

TCO is one of the industry leading suppliers within advanced downhole chemical injection systems. Both permanent and retrievable systems from standard solutions to HPHT equipment. TCO also provides services such as skilled personnel and installation equipment.

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Chemical Injection Mandrel

The TCO Chemical Injection Mandrel is available in a wide range of materials, sizes and premium connections. The mandrel includes an Inconel interface block featuring a metal to metal sealing through the flow path from the valve into the wellbore.

Chemical Injection Valve - HN

HN-Series forms the core barrier of all TCO’s Chemical Injection Systems and is included in all the Chemical Injection Valves.

Chemical Injection Valve - FN

The FN-Series (FN) is TCO's anti U-tube protection device

Chemical Injection Valve - FA

The FA-Device is well suited for deep-set applications or artificial lift installations and is an ideal solution for overcoming the U-tube effects caused by the potential syphoning fall-out of fluids.

Chemical Injection Valve - Q

The Q-Series allows operators to inject chemicals through a single common control line in multi-zones with fixed flow to each point of injection, regardless of upstream/downstream pressures.

Chemical Injection Valve - R

TCO’s FN- and HN modules can be supplied in a wireline retrievable configuration to suit 1.5” ISO 17078 side pocket mandrels. The retrievable device utilises the same technology and qualified components as the permanent installed device.

Straddle Mandrel

In case of loss of integrity in a chemical injection system, the Straddle Mandrel enables the operator to retrofil the system and continue injecting using the existing control line.


TCO can offer chemical injection accessories for smoother running and set up of the Chemical Injection System.


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