Chemical Injection Valve - FN

The FN-Series (FN) is TCO's anti U-tube protection device


Where a conventional approach could result in cavitation, scaling and acoustic emission as well as possessing an inherent leakage, the FN provides a closing force which increases as you apply inlet pressure, making the module leak tight even in low or no flow conditions. The FN is ideal for deep installation and for overcoming the potential hydrostatic fall through of the chemicals into the production tubing, causing the u-tube effect. Developed using unique proprietary and patented technologies, the FN represents the cutting edge of development of deep downhole chemical injection.

Making use of TCO’s reliable and field-proven modular approach, FN-Series devices are supplied with our ISO 14310 V0 barrier qualified HN-Series check valves to complete the well barrier envelope. This provides operators with a purpose-built overall injection solution with the highest level of integrity. 

Features & Benefits: 

  • Anti-U-tube functionality
  • TR2385 Qualified 
  • Sealed in low or no flow conditions
  • Testable System Integrity 
  • FMJ Control Line Connections
  • High temperature rating up to 196 °C / 385 °F (Model dependent)
  • High pressure rating up to 15,000 PSI / 1034 bar (Model dependent)


  • Offshore Wells
  • Deep installations
  • Depleted Reservoirs
  • ESP completions
  • Artificial lift completions
  • HPHT wells (HPHT version)
  • Can be configured for tubing injection or for annulus injection