Chemical Injection Valve - FA

The FA-Device is well suited for deep-set applications or artificial lift installations and is an ideal solution for overcoming the U-tube effects caused by the potential syphoning fall-out of fluids.


The FA-Device remains in a passive-open mode during initial production when reservoir and flowing tubing pressures are high, it can’t be seen on surface pressure gauges. This in contrary to conventional spring-loaded back pressure valves, where you always have the restriction in-line which needs to be overcome by the surface injection pumps. If you are in a situation where the injection pump pressure capacity is not sufficient, then the FA-Device is your solution.  

During late life production, when reservoir pressure has depleted to a pressure where you require back pressure support, - the FA-Device self-activates. The FA-Device now goes into fully-regulating mode, adding the in-line back pressure assistance and adjusting for control line and flowing tubing pressure-fluctuations. This ensures a steady flow and rate of chemicals into your production stream, and maximizes your chemical injection treatment.

Developed using unique proprietary and patented technologies, TCO’s FA-Series represents the cutting edge of development in this important area of deep-set downhole chemical injection systems.

Making use of TCO’s reliable and field-proven modular approach, FA-devices are supplied with our ISO 14310 V0 barrier qualified HN-Series check valves to complete the well barrier envelope. This provides operators with a purpose-built overall injection solution with the highest level of integrity.