TCO can offer chemical injection accessories for smoother running and set up of the Chemical Injection System.


RX Rupture Cartridge

The RX Rupture Cartridge is a balanced piston shear open device which allows integrity testing of the control line while running in hole. As opposed to a conventional burst disc, the RX Rupture Cartridge produces no debris when opened.

Catch Screen

The main function of the Catch Screen (CS) in-line filter is to prevent contamination from installation debris. The CS is installed as a module in the Chemical Injection Valve and several CS` can be mounted in series. If a screen is clogged up, the differential pressure will compress a spring to allow flow bypass.

Cross Coupling Carrier

TCO’s cross coupling range is designed to provide a robust solution to the challenge of protecting splices, filters, injection devices or other accessories under any reservoir conditions. The TCO Cross Coupling Carrier range all incorporate a 3-piece robust clamp system. The carrier is mounted over the coupling and can be oriented to align with control lines, and is finally fixed in place with 2ea clamps.

Anchor Clamp

TCO’s Anchor Clamp is designed to provide a robust solution to the challenge of anchoring and protecting control lines under any conditions.

Control Line Fittings and Splice Subs

TCO supplies external testable splice carrier subs with splices ranging from 1/4", 3/4'' and 1/2". The splices are designed to build minimal outer diameter and provide full bore inner diameter without jeopardising working pressure limitations.

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