Completion Barrier Plugs

TCO Disappearing Glass Barrier Plugs provide a total seal (ISO 14310V0) against all fluids under extreme conditions. The disappearing features reduces operational risks and increase efficiency for the oil and gas field operators.

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Tubing Disappearing Plug - NonExplosive

The TDP-NonEx completion barrier device offers operators improved logistics, reduced operational risk and reduced costs while increasing the efficiency of the onsite completion installation process.  
It has been designed and developed to be installed and run as an integrated part of the completion string or liner.

Tubing Disappearing Plug 3 (TDP-3)

Developed using the experience gathered from around 200 TDP installations worldwide, TDP-3 represents a major step change in disappearing barrier plug technology with its high tolerance for debris, ISO 14310 V0 certification, large bore ID and redundant cycling mechanisms. 

Tubing Disappearing Plug 3 High Pressure High Temperature (TDP-3 HPHT)

The TDP-3 HPHT features improved installation and remote cycling capabilities, and was developed to tackle the challenges associated with high pressure, high temperature wells (HPHT).

Tubing Disappearing Plug Pump-Open (TDP-PO)

The TDP-PO utilizes the most advanced, low risk barrier solution. The TDP-PO integrates a hydraulic removal pump-open mechanism within the plug package, which is triggered remotely without the use of explosives. 

Deep Set Bypass Plug (DSBP)

The Deep Set Bypass Plug (DSBP) functions as one of the two primary barriers required for the temporary suspension of a subsea well.

Disappearing Tubing Hanger Plug (DTHP)

The DTHP is tubing conveyed, and incorporates a bypass which allows the operator to carry out all necessary operations before closing it to form an ISO 14310 V0 approved barrier. This saves operators significant rig time offshore.


The TCO E-trigger was developed to activate downhole devices, and can be utilized alone or in conjunction with a mechanical trigger system for redundancy and an extended operational window. The E-trigger can be activated through pressure cycles or by using a pre-set or pressure-activated timer.

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