Tubing Conveyed Perforating Services

TCO is one of the largest Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) service companies in the North Sea with close to 200 TCP jobs performed since 2012.

TCO offer a full range of equipment for TCP services for P&A activities and reservoir perforating for production. Our complete line of TCP tools enable us to optimize perforations in any well. Our TCP operators have more than 20 years of experience and are highly experienced industry specialists, with the latest in equipment and technology to ensure the TCP needs of our clients are met safely and efficiently.


  •      Big Hole systems for Gravel packing or P&A
  •      Big hole puncher systems for remedial work or P&A
  •      Deep penetrating systems for maximizing productivity
  •      Dynamic underbalance systems or propellant gas stimulation systems


  •      Automatic gun release
  •      Pressure- and mechanically-firing heads designed for safety and reliability
  •      Advanced Firing Systems
  •      Hang and Release Systems
  •      Auxiliary Equipment and Vents


  •     Multicycle firinghead allowing pressure operations with guns in the well
  •     Industry Largest Area open to flow for any 7in gun system 10% casing removal in 9 5/8in casing
  •     Best in class Puncher systems for well abonnement and remedial work
  •     Dynamic underbalance and reactive liner technology for clean perforations
  •     Gun anchor with automatic Release Systems
  •     Excellent track record


Product Description

As an independent company, TCO can supply best-in-class perforating for any application. Our goal is to customize the best perforating system to fit your application. We aim to give our customers the best service by providing them with the most efficient, reliable and safe perforating systems on the market.

We offer API RP19B section1 data for most gun systems and can simulate results in all casing sizes. If desired we supply Coupon Tests to verify results. Full gun system tests can also be done. TCO have run several development projects for perforating charges for our customers to optimize results for special well conditions, or casing combinations.

TCO offers best in class punching/circulation charges that gives large entrance holes (0,4-0,9in) in the inner most tubular without damage to the next tubular outside. This system covers tubular form 3 1/2" up to 13 3/8in casing.

Firing Systems

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