Chemical Injection Valve - Q

The Q-Series chemical injection devices allow the operator to inject a single chemical through a common control line in multiple zones, with a fixed and consistent flow to each point of injection regardless of upstream/downstream pressures.


Developed using unique proprietary and patented technologies, the Q-Series represents the cutting edge of development in terms of how challenges relating to multi-point injection for completions may be addressed. The Q-Series system is not restricted to a particular number of zones, and may be used to inject to both the tubing and the annulus

Early observations showed that conventional approaches using simple flow restrictions do not work. Expensive and valuable chemicals were wasted as they were delivered in a random, unpredictable and ever-changing regime. The Q-Series was developed to manage these conditions, and ensure a reliable and predictable flow where and when it is needed. 

In accordance with our reliable and field-proven modular approach, Q-Series devices are supplied with the company's ISO 14310 V0 barrier qualified check valves (HN-Series). This completes the well barrier envelope, ensuring a purpose-built overall injection solution of the highest integrity.

Features and Benefits

  • Multi-point injection capability
  • Single and dual check valve options
  • Internal pressure controller
  • Unique optional RX Rupture Cartridge
  • ISO 14310 V0 barrier qualified (HN-Series check valves)
  • Fixed flow rates to multiple points
  • High pressure rating up to 10,000 psi / 690 bar
  • Testable system integrity
  • Integrated or separate filtration modules


  • Multi-point injection
  • Deep set installations
  • Depleted reservoirs
  • ESP completions
  • Artificial lift completions
  • Multiple producing zones / intelligent wells