The TDP-MO (Mill Open) barrier plug reduces operational risks for oil and gas field operators. Constructed from our laminated glass barrier material, it is ISO 14310 V0 certified and provides a total seal against all gases and fluids under extreme downhole conditions.


The TDP-MO enables the operator to isolate sections of the well during the completion phase. The glass plates are able to withstand up to 175 °C and 100 tonnes of pressure. The plug is mechanically opened with either slickline, CT or mill. Upon removal, the TDP allows full bore access for all future interventions. 

This innovative and unique technology makes the TDP the number one choice for barrier security in demanding operating environments. TCO's patented laminated glass material provides a secure, non-corrodible seal under high temperatures and axial loads, and is capable of withstanding extreme levels of differential pressure from both sides. The glass material disintegrates into small particles for removal.

The TDP is installed and run as an integrated part of the completion string or liner. This increases the efficiency of the installation process and enables full bore access when the plug is removed.

A variety of removal options are available:

  • Spear opening on slickline
  • Mill open with tractor on e-line
  • Mill open with CT or drill pipe

Full ID is guaranteed upon opening. 

The TDP is supplied in both standard and customized bore diameters. Higher pressure and temperature ratings can be supplied upon request.

Features and Benefits

  • Large bore access
  • Safer operations
    • ISO 14310/14998 V0 certified
    • Debris tolerant
    • No external personnel required
  • Low cost
  • Reduced risk
  • Easy removal compared to deep-set/horizontal wireline plugs
  • Laminated glass
  • Integrated installation
  • Customization


  • Completion barrier plug
    • Isolate lower completion while installing upper completion
  • Packer setting device
  • Fluid loss control device
  • Enables pressure testing