Self Calibrating Cycle Open Toe Valve

TCO Self Calibrating Cycle Open Toe Valve eliminates the need for tubing conveyed perforation of the toe stage and enables a full pressure casing test without a time limit. The intervention less activation is controlled by pressure cycles at surface. After a predetermined number of cycles, the valve activates allowing infectivity into the formation.

The self-calibrating feature eliminates the need to change burst values based on depths and pressures.  Multiple valves may be placed and opened simultaneously to act as a frac stage or independently to avoid pressuring out due to debris. The toe valves may be used in both cemented and open hole completions. 

Technical Specifications

  • No time limit on casing pressure test
  • Torque through mandrel
  • Tested to over 15,000 psi burst at temperature
  • Multiple valves can be placed to simulate 1st stage frac clusters
  • Redundant opening mechanisms
  • Cemented and open hole completions
  • Activation with pressure on the casing improves connectivity to payzone   compared to opening on release of surface pressure
  • independent of TVD or formation pressures

Inner Diameter

Outer Diameter

Temperature Rating

Injection Port Flow Area

Burst/ Collapse



350 F

13.26 in2

15,000 psi/ 10,000 psi



Example activation sequence