Chemical Injection Mandrel

TCO Chemical Injection Mandrel are based on the high-end TCO Chemical Injection Devices. The systems have been a benchmark for a wide variety of global operators since the development of TCO's first purpose-built injection device in 2001.


As part of the company's total solution to customers' chemical injection challenges, TCO's Chemical Injection Mandrel (CIM) is designed to meet the requirements of even the most demanding environments.

The TCO Chemical Injection Mandrel is available in a wide variety of standardized premium connections and sizes. In addition, the ability to choose the metal from which the mandrel body is constructed  ensures compatibility with the well fluid. To ensure a flow path for chemicals, the CIM design includes an Inconel interface block featuring a high alloy construction, right through to the point of injection into the wellbore.

The Chemical Injection Mandrel is a tubing retrievable system, with a chemical injection valve permanently installed on the mandrel. This is further connected to the surface by a chemical injection line attached to the tubing OD. The system is retrieved by pulling the tubing from the well.

When installed, the injection valve remains independent of the mandrel loading. This ensures that the integrity of sealing surfaces is maintained throughout the entire life of the well.

The interface block also offers the benefit of external testing using a test straddle. This allows the connection between the interface block and the mandrel to be externally pressure tested to validate integrity with the injection device installed or when using a dummy test plug.

 Features and Benefits

  • Injection valve is independent of mandrel loading
  • All connections externally pressure testable
  • Versatile design to accommodate a broad range of TCO modular chemical injection device, filter and accessory assemblies


  • Continuous chemical injection wells
  • HPHT