Completion Barrier Plugs

TCO Disappearing Glass Barrier Plugs provide a total seal (ISO 14310V0) against all fluids under extreme conditions. The disappearing features reduces operational risks and increase efficiency for the oil and gas field operators.

Tubing Disappearing Plug (TDP ®)

TCO's first patented laminated glass barrier plug increases well productivity, improves efficiency, and helps to prevent accidents and environmental hazards. Ideal for extreme conditions and fixed cost operations. 

Tubing Disappearing Plug 2 (TDP-2™)

Developed from the award-winning TDP barrier plug, TDP-2 features improved installation, operational efficiency and remote cycling capabilities.

Tubing Disappearing Plug 3 (TDP-3™)

Developed using the experience gathered from around 200 TDP installations worldwide, TDP-3 represents a major step change in disappearing barrier plug technology with its high tolerance for debris, ISO 14310 V0 certification, large bore ID and redundant cycling mechanisms. 

Tubing Disappearing Plug 3 High Pressure High Temperature (TDP-3 HPHT™)

The TDP-3 HPHT features improved installation and remote cycling capabilities, and was developed to tackle the challenges associated with high pressure, high temperature wells (HPHT).

Tubing Disappearing Plug Pump-Open (TDP-PO®)

The TDP-PO utilizes the most advanced, low risk barrier solution. The TDP-PO integrates a hydraulic removal pump-open mechanism within the plug package, which is triggered remotely without the use of explosives. 

Disappearing Tubing Hanger Plug (DTHP™)

The DTHP is tubing conveyed, and incorporates a bypass which allows the operator to carry out all necessary operations before closing it to form an ISO 14310 V0 approved barrier. This saves operators significant rig time offshore.