Chemical Injection Systems

TCO Chemical Injection Systems are based on the high-end TCO Chemical Injection Devices, which provide the hydrostatic support required to eliminate the U-tube effect in chemical injection systems. This ensures the durability and effectiveness of the chemical injection system throughout the entire life of the well. TCO's first purpose-built injection device was developed in 2001, and the systems have been a benchmark for a wide variety of global operators ever since.

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Chemical Injection Mandrel

The TCO Chemical Injection Mandrel ensures that the injection valve remains independent of the mandrel loading. This ensures that the integrity of sealing surfaces is maintained throughout the entire life of the well.


The Q-Series allows operators to inject chemicals through a single common control line in multi-zones with fixed flow to each point of injection, regardless of upstream/downstream pressures.


The HN-Series is TCO's series of conventional products, and offers a broad range of possible configurations.


The FN-Series represents some of the most reliable U-tube protection devices in the industry for preventing the hydrostatic fall-through of chemicals into the wellbore.

HX Rupture Cartridge

The HX Rupture Cartridge is a balanced piston shear open device which allows integrity testing of the control line while running in hole. As opposed to a conventional burst disc, the HX Rupture Cartridge produces no debris when opened.

Carrier Sub

The TCO Carrier Sub range is designed to provide a robust solution to the challenge of protecting splices, filters, injection devices or other accessories under any reservoir conditions. 

Retrievable Valve

TCO’s FN- and HN modules can be supplied in a wireline retrievable configuration to suit 1.5” ISO 17078 side pocket mandrels. The retrievable device utilises the same technology and qualified components as the permanent installed device.

FA Valve

The FA-Device is well suited for deep-set applications or artificial lift installations and is an ideal solution for overcoming the U-tube effects caused by the potential syphoning fall-out of fluids.


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