TCO E-Trigger

The TCO E-trigger was developed to activate downhole devices, and can be utilized alone or in conjunction with a mechanical trigger system for redundancy and an extended operational window. The E-trigger can be activated through pressure cycles or by using a pre-set or pressure-activated timer. TCO's E-trigger has been developed to fit all plugs in the TDP-3 range and is also used in the DTHP and TiWo



  • The E-Trigger can be set up with one of two principle modes:
    • It will establish the pressure at depth as reference zero when the pressure is stabilized, and further pressure variations will be treated relative to that
    • The E-trigger will read the absolute pressures at plug depth, and predefined absolute pressure thresholds are used for activation
  • The E-Trigger will pick up pressure changes in the wellbore through the plug communication sub
  • A predefined combination of pressure and time parameters must be recorded by the E-trigger to activate and manipulate the downhole device
  • The successful activation will either release a pressure activated firing pin or let pressure through to operate a sliding sleeve

Technical Data 

  • The E-trigger consists of high-end components
    • Circuit board with fail-safe and redundant hardware
    • High temp micro controller
    • High temp power source
    • HPHT pressure sensor
  • Downhole life at 150°C is 60 days
  • Downhole life at 125 °C is 90 days
  • Downhole life at 100°C is 180 days


  • Saves rig time
    • Plug can be cycled open more quickly than when using a conventional mechanical counter
    • Ideal when well is displaced to gas
  • Improved operating window
  • Less pressure required for cycling remote removal of plug
  • Flexible system