The TDP-DTHP (Disappearing Tubing Hanger Plug) functions as one of the two primary barriers required for the temporary suspension of a subsea well. The shallow set barrier is ISO 14998 V0 certified, with a large bore ID and E-Trigger cycling device. The well may be opened for production by pressure cycling the plug open from the production vessel. This eliminates the need for a rig or intervention vessel to pull a conventional set barrier plug.


The TDP-DTHP is a tubing-conveyed shallow-set barrier plug guaranteed to save operators valuable rig time offshore, particularly during the completion of subsea wells with vertical Christmas trees. The plug is run with the bypass in the open position, allowing the operator to perform the completion operations. When the bypass at the DTHP is closed, it forms an ISO 14998 V0 gas tight barrier. This allows the operator to rig down the BOP and land the vertical Christmas tree without the use of a workover riser. The remote opening function saves rig time for operators at any subsea well.

The TDP-DTHP is configured to be cycled open with pressure pulses from surface. The plug can be cycled open from the FPSO or from the production vessel, making the rig available for other operations.

TCO's patented laminated glass barrier material provides a secure, non-corrodible seal under high temperatures and axial loads, and is capable of withstanding extreme levels of differential pressure from both sides. The laminated glass disintegrates into small particles (silica) upon removal.

The DTHP is tubing conveyed and incorporates a bypass. This allows the operator to perform all necessary operations before closing the bypass to form an ISO 14998 V0 approved barrier. The bypass flow capacity is tested and approved to 1000 l/min / 6.3 bpm.

The DTHP has been designed to be installed and run as an integrated part of the completion string or liner. This increases the efficiency of the installation process and provides a large bore access when the plug is opened.

In addition to the built-in remote opening mechanism, a variety of removal options are available as a contingency. Full ID is always guaranteed after opening.

Features and benefits

  • Large bore access
  • Safer operations
    • ISO 14998 V0 certified
    • Built-in redundant cycling mechanism
    • Removes HSE risks associated with crane operations, rigging up, running of work over risers and slick line 
      • Reduced rig time
        • Cycled open remotely from FPSO or LIW
        • Eliminates the need for work over riser after landing of Christmas tree
        • Saves 2-10 rig days depending on water depth and weather conditions
  • Laminated glass
  • Integrated installation
  • Bypass system allowing 1000 l/min flow rate


  • Tubing-conveyed shallow-set barrier plug with bypass function
  • Subsea
  • Deep water