Shoot Down Tool (SDT)

The Shoot Down Tool (SDT) has been designed to minimize work hours offshore and features “one part” easy installation for WL firing heads with built in detonator. The Shoot Down Tool is one of the primary options to the TDP without remote removal capability built in. SDT is also an option for the contingency for other TDP plugs. The main design of the Shoot Down Tool is to penetrate and puncture TCO’s laminated glass packs.


The internal parts are designed to absorb the recoil from the detonation so that no other well equipment is harmed.

The SDT is pre-assembled at TCO`s onshore facilities.

The tool can be run on tractors without damaging them.

The SDT features a shape charge that fires a focused plasma jet which penetrates every material known to man. The shape charge is capable of delivering a plasma jet equal to 162cm / 64” penetraton thru Concrete @350bar/5000psi (API RP-19B).

To ensure safety of personnel, TCO installed 2 bleed off ports for the release of potentially trapped pressure after run. The ports safely bleeds off trapped pressure from both the Shoot Down Tools atmospheric chamber and also the WL firing head.

Features and Benefits

  • High Success rate
  • Plug & Play
  • Internal Recoil Absorption System
  • Five Feet Reach
  • 2 x Bleed Off Ports 
  • Standard WL safe firing head


  • Primary or contingency opening systems for TDP glass plugs.
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