Our Management

Meet our decision makers. Each one is dedicated to the development of our business that challenges and redefines well solutions through use of talent, experience and technology differentiation.

Ivar Djuve

Chief Executive Officer, Ivar Djuve

Eirik Lima

Vice President HR & HSEQ, Eirik Lima

Hege Forus

Vice President Strategic Planning, Hege Forus

Rune Gimre

Vice President Business Development, Rune Gimre

Terje Svendsen

Vice President EDMS, Terje Svendsen

Espen Sørbø

Vice President Operations, Espen Sørbø

Geir Melhus

Business Development Manager TCP, Geir Melhus

Steve Cramp

Managing Director North America, Steve Cramp

Mark Burtonwood

Managing Director UK, Mark Burtonwood