UKCS First for TCO AS

TCO In-Well Technologies UK Ltd., situated in Aberdeen has successfully completed in the UKCS the first remote opening of the TDP-2 Completion Barrier Plug on a subsea well.

The operation was successfully executed with the laminated glass plug utilized as a secure ISO 14310 V0 barrier. The well planning called for the TDP-2 to be used as a pressure vessel to set the production packer at 4500psi.  Once the packer was set, the completion string was pressure tested for integrity. Upon completion of the operation with the Christmas tree landed the TDP-2 barrier plug was then remotely pressure cycled to open, without the need for intervention.

TCO In-Well Technologies UK Ltd.,Sales & Marketing Manager, Rob Grassick says that “TCO UK has had a very successful start since the company was incorporated in Westhill Aberdeen and has initially been involved in operations from platforms in the UKCS. We have now proven our technology further and aim to build on our reputation for providing innovative reliable well completion technologies".  (2011-05-23)