TCO's Self-Calibrating Cycle-Open Toe Valve will be presented at ATCE in San Antonio (9-11 October, 2017)

TCO's Self-Calibrating Cycle-Open Toe Valve uses pressure cycles applied at surface to open the valve, and there is no time limit on the duration of these pressure cycles or the casing pressure test. Once the predetermined number of cycles has been reached, the valve will open allowing hydraulic access to the formation/reservoir.

The ideal applications are cemented or open-hole, horizontal wells that require pressure integrity throughout the casing installation followed by communication/circulation ability at the toe of the well once the casing string is at the required depth and stimulation begins. 



Connection Size

Inner Diameter

Outer Diameter

Temperature Rating

Injection Port Flow Area






13.25 in2

15,000 psi/10,000 psi