TCO Acquisition of Topside Chemical Injection Flow Control Valve Technology

As a result of the company's strategic plan to enter the topside market for chemical injection, we are pleased to announce that TCO has signed an agreement with the University of Stavanger for technology rights to a patented topside flow control valve.

The valve which has the name FloWizard, was invented by Prof. Bernt Sigve Aadnøy who has 36 years of experience from the Oil & Gas industry.

The FloWizard is the result from more than 10 years of engineering and design, where extensive testing has proven that the FloWizard will outperform the market leading topside valves with regards to working flow range and accuracy.

The FloWizard is extremely suited for automation and TCO are now looking to secure partners for delivering full topside flow control systems for chemical injection. 


If you have any questions to the FloWizard and TCO topside chemical injection systems, please contact Topside Project Manager, Robert Jay Abercrombie.