FA Valve Ensures U-Tube Protection and Dual Barrier Criteria

TCO FA Valve ensures U-tube protection and dual barrier criteria, and enabled chemical injection capability from first production in challenging offshore wells


Product: Downhole Chemical Injection System - FA Valve

Location: West Africa


TCO were approached by a major operator and asked to deliver a dual mandrel system for the upper completion for scale inhibitor and asphaltene inhibitor injection. The operator had experienced issues during the first wells, where their conventional chemical injection valves were not supporting sufficient back-pressure to prevent control line U-tubing, and the valves were not meeting the dual check valve barrier criteria.

Another challenge was the operator’s surface pump capacity, where the addition of conventional fixed back-pressure valves succeeded the capacity and did not allow for injection during initial production when reservoir pressures were high.

The client gave TCO a challenge, regarding well specifications and short deadline. TCO were able to meet the requirements and the challenge. Within 2 months from first contact with the operator, TCO’s experienced field engineers delivered a successful installation offshore for the first well, marking the first Chemical Injection System for TCO to be run in West Africa.


The TCO FA Valve was chosen to prevent U-tubing and provide the dual check valve barrier criteria, and to allow delivery of continuous injection for scale inhibitor and asphaltene inhibitor from first production. 2 FA Valves were placed in a deep-set dual chemical injection mandrel, below a series of gas lift valves and the down hole gauge.


Chemical injection capability was enabled from initial production, as the FA Valve remains passive during initial production when well pressures are high, and only activates once the well depletes and back-pressure support is required.

The FA Valves further secured the U-tube protection and the dual check-valve barrier criteria. The
feedback from the operator after fist well installation was positive, and TCO were rewarded the remaining scope and successfully deployed the FA Valve and dual mandrel system for the 6 remaining production wells on the field.