About TCO

TCO is a well completion and TCP specialist. We solve well challenges through adaptive and innovative technologies and services. Our knowledge and experience define us.

Our mission and values

TCO’s mission and values are the principles that guide our work and business. They shall ensure that we offer high-quality products and services that meet and exceed customer expectations, in turn ensuring a secure future for our organization.

Our mission:

We have the courage to challenge and redefine well solutions through our use of talent, experience and technology differentiation

TCO will be a leading organization within well completion and TCP. We stand out from the competition in four key areas by offering our customers:
1.    Sustainable technology
2.    Experienced people
3.    Operational competence
4.    Reliable quality equipment

We ensure value to our customers through:
•    Reduced operational risk
•    Efficient solutions
•    Enhanced well production

Our Values

At TCO, we live by our company values – 
they guide our behaviour in everything we do. 
We are all responsible for adhering to and working in accordance with our values.


•    We use our skills and resources to deliver quality services in a safe environment 
•    We aim to achieve results and celebrate when we do
•    We encourage innovation and collaboration, and hold each other accountable for our performance

•    We respond to our clients’ needs and help each other to succeed
•    We trust and respect each other and recognize good performance
•    We continually develop our talents and capabilities

•    We do the right thing. We never compromise on safety
•    We treat our employees and all our partners with professionalism, dignity and respect, fostering an environment in which people can contribute, innovate and excel

•    We turn market needs into customer solutions
•    We apply fresh thinking in order to define and lead our market
•    We meet and exceed our customers’ expectations with innovative technology and superior quality

How we operate

The company's portfolio consists of products and services that improve customers' performance, reduce operational risk, increase well productivity and maintain cost efficiency. Today, TCO is the result of both organic and non-organic strategic growth over the past 13 years. With a steadily increasing worldwide presence, the company operates in ten countries with a total staff of around 130 employees. 

TCO aims to follow a philosophy aligned with the company's corporate vision and values. We never forget where we started from, ensuring that collaboration is preserved at the heart of all we do. 

TCO strives to earn the trust of everyone affected by our organisation and maintain good relationships with both industry participants and our surroundings. The company aims to leverage these assets, delivering efficient and safe products and services that help our customers to advance their presence in the marketplace.

Led by our core values, we aspire to be the best within our field - helping our customers to operate more effectively and efficiently while maintaining operational safety.

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