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TCO B-Annulus Relief System was developed to tackle the problems of B-Annulus pressure build up, primarily during well start up mainly as a result of thermal expansion.

B-Annulus Relief System

The relief system is taken from TCO`s Chemical Injection Product Line and is approved as a ISO 14310 V0 barrier in combination with check valves and an internal integrated filtration system.

The relief system will make the B-annulus pressure independent of downstream back pressure in the A-annulus provided the B-annulus pressure is higher than the A-annulus pressure. This system ensures an independent operation where its relieving pressure is not a function of the downstream pressure it relieves into.

Conventional Approached

Conventional approaches will constantly relieve as the B-annulus pressure “tracks” A-annulus pressure. A constant relief will reduce life, risk barrier integrity and alter the supporting pressure inside and outside of casing.

TCO's Way of Thinking

TCO`s patented system, relieves only what is needed to hold and maintain a safe but pre-determined B-annulus pressure. The device will ONLY flow when the B-annulus pressure reaches its pre-set relief pressure regardless of the varying A-annulus pressure. This unique feature means the system will not constantly flow throughout its life. The device offers a safe and reliable V0 barrier in the long term and operates “on-demand” only when it is required.

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