TCO Annulus Pressure Relief System (APRS) Available in an Upgraded Version

TCO have re-qualified the Annulus Pressure Relief System (APRS) to TR2385 with reference to ISO 14998 validation grade V0.



The APRS was originally developed and qualified in cooperation with Statoil in 2014 for the Fram Subsea field Development. The function is to relieve pressure from B to A-annulus to mitigate annular pressure build-up and the following risk of casing collapse.

In the period 2018 and to date, the APRS has been re-designed and re-tested to an extended performance range. This to allow for a broader range of applications and to serve more assets and field developments requirements.


The APRS has been re-engineered to accommodate a single screen section for filtering fluids in B-annulus which pass through the ARPS and into A-annulus. The machined screen mandrel is now replaced with a casing pup section, assuring that the APRS and the casing maintain the same level of integrity including pressure and load integrity.

Further, the relief valve has been modified to include proven metal to metal compression sealing for higher pressure rating and extended temperature capabilities including sub-zero temperatures.

Way Forward

TCO are always striving for enhanced performance and our dedicated team of engineers will continue to work with new and enhanced solutions for downhole drilling and completion systems.

TCOs dedicated team are available to be contacted for information and requests around the subject.


*Material to match casing specification
** 9 5/8’’ on request