Ruling in Appeal Court Case

Ruling in appeal court case regarding Patent infringement and violation of the Marketing Act.

For Immediate Release 

TCO Group

March 2015, TCO processed the appeal court case for Gulating Lagmannsrett related to our claim of patent infringement towards our barrier plug technology and violation of the Marketing Act. Gulating Lagmannsrett reached different conclusions than the local court and TCO’s view prevailed. According to the unanimous ruling, a ban to market and deliver Vosstech AS’s VT-C and VT-MC barrier plugs have been issued for 4 years. Vosstech AS, Bjørgum Mekaniske AS and Stig Ove Bjørgum have to carry their own cost as well as TCO associated cost of MNOK 6,8. Furthermore TCO shall receive a compensation of MNOK 12. The ruling is not final and enforced yet.

Kenneth Tunes, 

Constituted Managing Director, TCO Group