New TDP Series Added to the Portfolio

TCO AS are proud to announce that we have added a new series of plugs to the TDP portfolio: TDP-Mill Open.


The TDP-MO is a mill-able TDP for customers in need of a solution without remote opening.

It is based on well-proven and known technology from both TDP-1 and TDP-NonEx, and offers a robust and rugged V0 approved barrier combined with the certainty of achieving full-bore access after opening.

The opening methods are either by TCO Spear ran on wireline or milling by tractor or coil tubing

The TD-MO is available in these sizes

Type                  OD           ID         ISO Validation

457x299           4,57"     2,99"         14310 V0
587x400           5,87"     4,00"         14998 V0
833x580           8,33"     5,80"         14998 V0
833x588           8,33"     5,88"         14310 V0
833x609           8,33"     6,09"         14998 V0


Temperature ranging from 275°F/135°C to 347°F/175°C and pressure rating from 5000psi/345bar to 10000psi/690bar.

Please contact TCO AS if you want to learn more about the new TDP-MO series.