SPE Bergen Tech-Night

Wednesday 21st January Viggo Brandsdal, TCO Global BDM will present at SPE Bergen Tech-Night at Scandic Strand in Bergen. Viggo will discuss TCO’s alternative solution for B-Annulus Pressure build-up migration in Subsea wells in which operators have neither access nor ability to bleed the pressure built up from the B-Annulus of the wellhead resulting in build-up pressure in subsea wells.



Viggo Brandsdal holds the position of Global Business Development Manager at TCO AS. Viggo has an extensive experience within FMC and begun as the Technical Director at TCO in 2006. In 2011 Viggo was relocated to sales in the function of Global Development Manager.

TCO’s B-Annulus Relief System was developed to tackle the issues related to the B-annulus pressure build-up, mainly during well start up and primarily due to thermal expansion. In brief, the relief system will make the B-annulus pressure independent of downstream back pressure in the A-annulus given that the B-annulus pressure is higher than the A-annulus pressure. The system ensures an independent operation and thus, the relieving pressure is not a function of the downstream pressure it relieves into.

To learn more about TCO B-Annulus Relief System, download the product sheet.

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