TCO's Glass Casing Flotation Device (TDP-PO)

TCO Glass Casing Flotation Device allows operators to float casing to bottom in long laterals, even when using sliding sleeves and toe valves. Casing below the glass device is left empty allowing buoyancy to reduce friction through the lateral, while the weight of fluid above the device helps push casing to bottom. A floating casing in long laterals can remove the need to rotate casing to bottom, eliminating the need for premium casing threads.

The Glass Casing Flotation Device is installed and run as an integrated part of the casing string. This increases the efficiency of the installation process and sets up to provide full bore access when the device is removed. The Glass Casing Flotation Device contains an internal pump open device as the primary removal option. The system is practical to operate and does not require TCO personnel on-site.

TCO deliver Glass Casing Flotation Device in standard and customized bore diameters. Higher Pressure and temperature ratings can be delivered upon request.

Pump Open Mechanism
TCO’s patented pump open mechanism is set to open on a specific differential pressure. Simply apply pressure up to a pre-set value and device will open.

Glass material
Our patented laminated glass material provides a secure, non-corrodible seal under high temperature and axial loads, capable of withholding extreme levels of differential pressure from below. The glass material breaks into small particles which can be safely circulated through sleeves, toe valves, and float equipment. No debris trap required.


  • Casing Flotation
  • Packer Setting
  • Pressure Testing

Features & Benefits

  • No Debris Trap Needed
  • No Impact on Cementing Operation
  • Reduced Rig Time
  • Full Bore Access
  • Hight Debris Tolerance
  • Sleeve/TIV Compatible
  • Custom Activation Pressure
  • ISO 14310 V6 tested


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TCO Glass Casing Flotation Device (TDP-PO)

Connection Size

Outer Diameter

Inner Diameter

Max Activation Pressure




7,500 psi




8,000 psi


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