Carrier Sub

TCO Chemical Injection Systems are based on the high-end TCO Chemical Injection Devices. The systems have been a benchmark for a wide variety of global operators since the development of TCO's first purpose-built injection device in 2001.


The TCO Carrier Sub range is designed to provide a robust solution to the challenge of protecting splices, filters, injection devices or other accessories under any reservoir conditions. TCO offers a wide selection of possible configurations, from single splice options to configurations that meet more complex injection device or filter unit requirements. Devices are mounted inside the protected recess of the Carrier Sub to prevent them being damaged when running in hole.

The TCO Carrier Sub range incorporates a two-half robust clamp system, with a guiding profile that locates into a groove on the centre mandrel. As a result, axial movement of the Carrier Sub during RIH or POOH is prevented, ensuring full rotational orientation.

By running a Carrier Sub in conjunction with a TCO Injection Device Mandrel, a Carrier Sub assembly can be made up to the mandrel. This ensures that the assembly always remains at the required orientation, providing a single pre-tested assembly that is able to carry a variety of downhole devices.

The Carrier Sub is available in a variety of sizes to suit different tubing specifications, applications and requirements. The product is available in both dual and single device configurations.


  • Hydraulic/electrical splices
  • Retrofit of injection devices of various sizes 
  • Protection of connectors
  • Intelligent completions with multiple control lines

Features and Benefits

  • Robust design
  • 360 degree orientation
  • Provides bypass channels for other control lines/cables
  • Protects splices or other retrofitted components